What Makes American Diesel Different Than Other Programs?

Over the last 4 years, we have had dozens of ADTC graduates who were previously enrolled in other diesel technician programs around the country.

I always ask these students, "What made you switch to American Diesel?"


Here are the most common responses I get:

TIME: "I don't have the time to invest 2-4 years to earn a degree. American Diesel's 5 week program made it possible."

MONEY: "A $40,000 program is entirely too expensive for me."

STUDENT LOANS: "I didn't qualify for student loans." "I qualified for student loans, but American Diesel's Income Share Agreement allowed me to wait until I was hired to pay for school."

HANDS-ON: "I don't learn by reading textbooks. I like to get my hands dirty."

TOOLS: "Tools were not included, there is no way I can spend an additional $5,000 on tools after I graduate."

EXTRA FEES: "I had to pay for room and board, books, and more."

INSTRUCTORS: "The instructors did not answer questions. They expected me to have a baseline knowledge."

SCHOOL: "I just don't like a school-type atmosphere."

GENERAL EDUCATION: "I want to learn diesel mechanics, not algebra."


At American Diesel Training Centers:

  • 5 Week Program

  • Quarter of the Price

  • Pay $0 Until You Are Hired

  • Majority of Time is Hands-On

  • Tool Set Included

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Travel Costs are Covered

  • Hotel Suite is Covered

  • Food Card is Provided

  • Instructors are Real-World Mechanics

  • Each Day Feels Like a Job

  • No G.E. Requirements


But don't just take my word for it.

  • Alan H used to be enrolled in a 4 year program that would have cost him $75k - $100k.

  • Nick B used to be enrolled in a 10 month program that was priced at $52,000.

Watch The Video Below: