Dorm Room on Steroids

My dorm room in college was a glorified closet. And that's me being nice.

2 roommates. Communal bathrooms shared between 20 people. One microwave and a toaster oven.

It was awful.

So when we were deciding on where to house students for our 5-week, hands-on program, we spared no expense. I can confidently say that American Diesel Training Centers has one of the best housing solutions for students that I've ever seen in a school.

For students enrolling into our Columbus location, We partnered with the Sonesta Suites in Dublin, OH.

Extended stay hotel. 1 person per room. Full kitchen with cookware. Living area. Bedroom. Basketball court. Outdoor grill. Pool for the summer time. Great lobby. It's awesome.

Here at American Diesel, we eliminate outside distractions. So all you need to worry about while you are here is working hard and learning!