Meet Taylor and Paola

It’s been four years since our first class at ADTC. Want to see how a couple of our first (and favorite grads are doing?). Read on.

I don’t know how to describe our first class. Other than to say we just got incredibly lucky to be blessed with such a great group of people.

Our original business plan called for us to have 25 people in our first year. We had 22 in our first class. Next step: We tore up the business plan.

We owe these two kids a huge debt of gratitude. Because they came to ADTC, embraced the program and have become incredibly successful in a very short period of time. They’ve become great friends and awesome ambassadors.

Taylor was working at a chemical plant. He heard our advertisement on the radio. When he came in to check us out, we had nothing. An empty building. But he said there was just something about us that earned his trust.

Taylor just accepted a promotion to Service Manager at the Rush Truck Centers dealership in Akron, OH. He starts Monday. I guarantee he’ll be a General Manager soon.

Paola had recently moved to OH from California. She was working in a warehouse. Paola heard about our radio ad from a friend at work and took the plunge. She’s now a master Volvo technician at McMahon Truck Centers.

Both Paola and Taylor have overcome some really…really tough circumstances in their lives.

Paola bought her first house last year. Taylor is house shopping in Akron right now. His kids are so excited to be moving out of an apartment.

These two are the picture of hard work, patience and dedication.

I love these kids. And the sense of pride I get knowing that ADTC played a part in completely changing the trajectory of their lives makes everything we’ve been through worth it.