Types of Jobs Available to ADTC Graduates

One of the things you will want to know before enrolling into American Diesel is:

“What will you do once you graduate?”

In this video we will discuss the demand for new technicians, the types of jobs available to ADTC graduates, and advancement opportunities in the future.


In January of 2018 there were just about 12,000 openings for diesel technicians on indeed (11,990).

In January of 2020 there were almost 19,000 (18,600).

Since then (October of 2021), it’s more than doubled, reaching nearly 45,000 open positions (44,960).

Keep in mind, this is only one job board. Supply is only 11% of the demand. The actual shortage by 2025 will be 230,000 technicians nationwide.

What does this mean for you? It’s supply and demand 101. Job security and higher salaries.

Types of Jobs Available:

There are many different shop environments you can find yourself in once you graduate.

Here are the top 5:


Dealerships are a retail environment.

Most dealers will provide OEM specific training and also perform warranty work on new equipment.

Dealerships offer a more high-pressure, high-reward environment as they train you on a particular brand. Although you may work on many brands, depending on the company.


Fleets include trucking companies, leasing companies, rental companies, and even waste management providers.

Fleets focus on one particular type of equipment and have a more narrow scope on the type of equipment you will work on.

Fleet Operations include truck, tractor, and trailer repair.

Independent Shop

Independent shops include full service shops and specialty service.

Full service shops work on a wide variety of equipment and many brands.

Independent shops provide more task-specific training.

Other independent shops include specialty service:

These shops have a narrow focus and specialize in things like alignment, frames, springs, drivelines, and more.

Truck Stops

Truck Stops typically work on jobs that take 4 hours or less to complete.

The types of tasks you will complete will be smaller in scope.

However, many truck stops now provide OEM specific training.

Heavy Equipment

Most heavy equipment companies provide a dealership or fleet type environment.

Instead of semi trucks, heavy equipment companies maintain cranes, dozers, skid steers, and more.

Advancement Opportunities

Regardless of the type of job you land after graduation, there are many ways to climb the ladder.

Most companies provide advancement as a technician, we have had graduates advance from a level 4 technician all the way up to level 1 master tech.

Other graduates may find themselves being promoted to a mobile technician position, parts departments, service or warranty writing, shop foreman positions, service manager, and more.

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