Stop. Before You Bury Yourself In Debt, Watch This Video.

"I can't believe I was about to spend [$25-40K] and [1-2 Years] to do this!"

I hear this sentiment all the time from ADTC graduates.

It seems like it's just a fact-of-life: School is expensive. School is long.

So let me ask a simple question, "WHY?"

Why are there 55,000 people getting degrees in History, when there's only 3,300 working historians in the United States. I'm not a math expert... but those numbers don't add up.

I'll tell you why... the school already has your money.

Luckily, there's a new kid on the block... ISA's. And it's not only fundamentally changing the way school is paid for, but also incentivizing schools to put the success of their students first.

Take a look:

Because ISA's are funded by private investors, they are only offered in fields of study that are in high-demand... with companies ready to hire you when you graduate. Which is what made ADTC a perfect fit.

Let's put it this way... you won't find investors lining up to fund ISA's in Bagpiping or Puppet Arts. But for your enjoyment, here are 14 more college majors that schools won't mind taking your money for: