Three years ago today, my life completely changed.

I went all in on ADTC. I’d been planning on doing it as a side hustle. Chris was going to run it full time. That would have been one of the worst decisions ever. It would have been impossible to do this part-time. We would have failed.

I love this pic of Chris because it epitomizes a start-up.

Lonely. Spartan. Lots of unknowns. Its all about you.

The day I left a paycheck and bonus behind was weird. I went to get some lunch.

-I got a $150 parking ticket. -I got a second $200 ticket for not having a front license place. Seriously.

-I watched the Netflix show “The Santa Clarita Diet,” (Look it up) with some guy named Dick in a Cajun restaurant that has now closed.

-I had an Uber driver offer me a job to run a non-profit.

It was one of the greatest days of my life. If it were not for that day and ADTC, I would not have met a kid named Ty, last week after speaking at a local high school. Ty pulled me aside and said “I need your help. “I’m signed up to go to a school that is going to cost me $46,000. And I’m screwed.”

And I helped that kid. And he’s not going to be $46,000 in student loan debt.

March 4, 2017 was a great day.