Want to know who is going to have a GREAT Thanksgiving? The guy standing to my left, Tyray.

Tyray is going to work for Anderson Concrete, an awesome, family-owned company here in Columbus.

Here's the fun part. Tyray's supervisor is a guy named Daniel Stack.

Daniel graduated from ADTC in 2019 and was hired straight from our program by Anderson. How cool is that? He's now a supervisor.

Here's the best part. Tyray is getting a $16K raise by going to work at Anderson concrete.

Think about that. In five weeks, he gets a pay raise of sixteen thousand dollars.

There are Tyray's out there everywhere. I've got 25 or so of them sitting on the other side of the wall from me right now.

Today, I read an article in USA Today It featured a plan by Ohio State University, where students will leave debt-free. Its only in pilot now, but it is a solid step.

But not everyone needs to go to college and they certainly don't need the debt that accompanies it. In the United States, we've confused training with education.

Tyray needed basic, focused mechanical fundamental training and a direct pipeline to a company willing to hire him.

That's what we do here. Rapid, discipline-focused training and pipeline to a job. A simple but very workable formula. Right?

Happy Thanksgiving!!