Meet Nick and Alan

Two announcements:

First: Both our November and January classes in CBUS and CINCI classes are at capacity. We’re sold out.

Second: The state of Ohio just announced that it will be requiring a basic financial literacy course for all high school students. This is great news.

Ohio wanted to do this a few years ago. BUT the education lobby successfully stopped the effort to make the course a requirement.

The young man on my left, Alan is not my bodyguard, but he is another example of our broken post-secondary education system that puts all the risk on the student.

We see them in every class.

Both Alan and Nick wanted to be mechanics upon graduating from high school.

Both went to “automotive-diesel” post-secondary programs.

Both ended up back at home within a semester, sitting on more than $10,000 of student loan debt.

Neither of them spent any time actually touching vehicles. In fact, Alan had to take math and English classes. He became disenchanted, homesick and dropped out. Nick had to pay $700 a month for a shared apartment on top of his tuition. He also dropped out.

I always ask guys like this. “How did you end up there?” “What were you thinking?” "Did you think about the ramifications of taking on that much debt?"

I know the answer. I’ve heard it way…way too many times. And my guess is if you are reading this, you know the answer too. It’s about poor kids who fall prey to bells and whistles. And those bells and whistles are paid for by federal student loans that sound great for a minute. But only for a minute. And by then it’s too late.

Alan was hired three weeks into our program! He’ll make the same salary as many college grads, will receive great advanced training and will have great promotional opportunities.

Nick, who is from Columbia, Missouri is choosing between three companies!

I wish Nick and Alan had been able to take that financial literacy class.

Eliminate barriers and risk. There’s your solution.

(Watch Nick and Alan's Video Here)