From Bakersfield, CA, to Columbus, OH. Back to Bakersfield. Lands job at Bakersfield Freightliner.

Meet Andrew. A great young man. Awesome personality, very talented...and collects baseball hats, which is why he is a hard-core Dodger fan but is wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat.

Andrew's Dad, Chris is a Diesel Mechanic. Chris saw my stuff on Linkedin and reached out to me last spring. I remember spending 30 minutes or so with him on the phone...answering questions and just talking about our program.

Andrew was just finishing high school. He graduated in May, and his parents entrusted us with the care of their son, sending him across the country, to Columbus, OH.

Well, Andrew finished up three weeks ago. He's back in Bakersfield and has already landed a job as an entry-level technician at Bakersfield Freightliner. He'll get great OEM training there and is on his way to a fantastic career.

Congratulations Andrew and THANK YOU to Chris for trusting us!