Graduation Day 🎓

When you hear the words "Graduation Ceremony", what do you think of?

Caps and gowns? 3 hours of speeches? Arena seating? Walking across a stage for 30 seconds while your name is called?

Sounds boring to me.

At American Diesel Training Centers, we have a blast on graduation day:

  • We start with donuts, coffee, and rock music as everyone takes their seats.

  • We reminisce and tell stories about each student and their journey over the last 5 weeks.

  • We give out special awards and honor the accomplishments of our students.

  • We take some awesome pictures around the shop.

After the ceremony is done, our students get to load their brand new toolsets into their cars/trucks before they travel home.

But here is the coolest part:

Many of these graduates have already accepted job offers over the last 5 weeks. They graduate today (Friday) and start their new jobs on Monday.

One student told me today, "I was making $11 an hour five weeks ago, on Monday I start at $22.50 an hour". He just doubled his income after one month of training, the sky is the limit now.

Congratulations again to our OCT/NOV 2021 Class!