Graduate in 5 weeks?!? 😱

The last few months have been pretty crazy to say the least.

Before all the craziness... most of our ADTC students had jobs while they came through our program. They would join our 8am-1pm morning class and then work at their second shift jobs, or work first shift jobs and join our evening class from 4pm-9pm.

After 10 weeks... they would begin their new career as an entry-level diesel technician with an outstanding company.


Pre-Covid, 80-90% of our students were employed while they completed their training.

Unfortunately, things have changed.

Fortunate for you, so have we.

You may have lost your job, but you have also gained something of tremendous value: TIME.

Here at American Diesel Training Centers, we have added a full-time Accelerated Program that runs 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. This allows you to graduate in 5 weeks!


Our Accelerated Program is perfect for:

-In-City Students who find themselves unemployed.


-Out-Of-City Students.

-Out-Of-State Students.

And get this... if you are a veteran, out-of-city, or out-of-state we will cover the cost of your hotel for the 5 weeks of training.

You are thinking to yourself right now, "this is too good to be true".

Well here's the catch (if you even want to call it that):

We can't pay for 30 hotel rooms every session.

Because of this, we can only accept 5-10 students per full-time session.

Compare this to the 20-30 we enroll for every part-time class.

So, take a look at this short 1-minute video below, and if you think you have what it takes, go ahead and apply.

See you in Columbus soon!