From Fast-Food to a Great Career

You want to see what pride looks like? Look no further. Five weeks ago Jaden was working in a fast-food job. He thought there was no way out of his situation.

Fast forward five short weeks. Jaden's first day in his home shop, for Penske Truck Leasing is today. He graduated with the rest of his Penske class on Friday. Not only did he graduate, but he also finished in the top half of the class!

On our welcome night in a room with more than 20 other newly hired Penske associates, we went around the room and asked people what they'd done before coming to our program, in partnership with Penske.

Most people had some mechanical background...tire shops, assembly work, etc. I remember exactly what Jaden said. "My name is Jaden. I worked at Taco Bell." It was like he was embarrassed.

This drives me crazy. There is nothing to be embarrassed about for working. Ever. No mattter what work you do.

What Jaden didn't have was a path.

Well, he has that path now as an Associate for Penske Truck Leasing. One of the greatest companies in America. He's going to get phenomenal advanced training as he starts and continues his career with Penske.

Jaden openly told us that he's now making 2.5x what he did working fast food. Think of that. In five weeks he exited poverty-level earnings. You can see the pride in his eyes.

There are millions upon millions of people just like Jaden. The system has failed them. And that's why we founded American Diesel.

Thank you Penske and all of our other company partners who believe in us and what we are doing. Thank you American Diesel education team. Just a phenomenal job with this class!