From ADTC Student to ADTC Instructor

OK. Now this is fun. Our newest instructor at ADTC is a former student.

We hadn't been doing this long when Kenny Oswood showed up at ADTC. He'd had a 20-year career in the Marine Corps as a helicopter mechanic. We say this a lot, but Kenny definitely fit the category of "what the heck is he doing here?"

Well, Kenny wanted to get some truck experience, so he came to through the program and immediately went to work for a great shop here in Columbus, Skinner Diesel. Mike Skinner very quickly promoted him to foreman.

A few months ago, Kenny and his wife decided to move back home to Cincinnati to be closer to family. We had no idea that he wasn't living in CBUS anymore.

We're growing and needed another instructor in Columbus, so Myron Benner and Chris sat down and asked themselves, "what former students would make good instructors?"

Kenny's name came up immediately.

Long story short, Myron reached out to Kenny about becoming an instructor with us and Kenny's response was "that would be awesome...but I don't live in Columbus anymore. "

Glad we have a location in Cincinnati. His first day was yesterday.

Kenny adds to our simply outstanding group of instructors. I hate to call them just instructors because every one of them are awesome career and life mentors. They just happen to know a ton about trucks. They are the secret sauce of ADTC.

We always knew this day would come. That a former student would become a teacher at ADTC. I can't think of a better person than Kenny to be number one.