Nick is crushing it at City of Columbus.

He works on everything. I'll be at TMC. If you want to hear Nick's story and how we find and train talent like Nick. Message me here or email me at I'll be there tomorrow afternoon-Thursday.

Nick is a born leader and one of our top grads. He came to the program a couple of years ago while working full time with three kids AND a newborn. That's motivation!

He's so good and authentic that we use him as our talent for video recruiting spots. (No actor could be as good as he is.) .

Nicks got an awesome job with great benefits. He's already in a leadership role.

But there are lots and lots of Nick's out there. I could stand in front of a microphone for hours and just go down the list, telling stories, until everyone was asleep. But it's true.

The formula is so simple.

1. Remove barriers

2. Provide solid, fundamental training