It's pretty simple. Why do people enroll into secondary education in the first place?


So let's talk about that.

At American Diesel Training Centers, we don't beat around the bush. You won't learn U.S. History or Algebra here (pssst... there's a thing called Google if you want to know more about those subjects).

We provide an intensive 5 weeks of hands-on diesel technician training, teaching you all of the fundamental skills you will need to know. Then, we get you into the workforce as soon as possible so you can START EARNING A PAYCHECK.

Let's compare this to completing a 1-year or 2-year diesel technician program:

Some quick math:

Let's assume you start your new diesel tech career at $21/hour.

ADTC: Earnings Begin Week 6

1-Year Program: Earnings Begin Week 53

2-Year Program: Earnings Begin Week 105

After 3 Years...

ADTC: You have made $126,840

1-Year Program: You have made $87,360

2-Year Program: You have made $43,680

Then, add in the promotions and raises you will receive over the next 3 years and the numbers really start to stand out.

So... back to the question, "Why 5 Weeks?"

Because unlike other schools, we understand the reason you are enrolling.

(To get started, fill out our very short online application here.)

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