The Best use of your GI Bill® on the Planet...Literally

The GI Bill® is one of the greatest and justly earned benefits in the United States. You’ve just spent a chunk of your life serving this country. And most likely, you’re ready to get on with things.

That’s why we’ve created a program just for you. Our employer partners love hiring vets. Our vet graduates work at some of the best companies in the United States. Many of our vets are hired before they even complete the program.

We can’t be everywhere, so we’ve created a program where you come to us…and finish in just five weeks. Here’s how it works.

· Enroll in our Columbus full-time program. We have one starting in Columbus July 27th-September 4th

· If you live outside of Columbus, ADTC will pay for the cost your hotel room and will provide you a gas stipend or airfare for travel to Columbus

· You will have your own hotel room, (including weekends.). And yes, it is a nice hotel

· Class run from 8-5 Monday-Friday

· Your weekends will be free. You can travel back home if you drive

· We will assist you with job placement in your hometown. The minute you enter the program, we will notify our huge network of company partners in your city that we are training a veteran

· Our employer partners love to hire Vets. In some cases, you may be hired before you even start our training program. That’s how popular Vets are with our partners

· The best part? Our program will take 3% of your GI Bill® if you qualify for full GI Bill® benefits