By the year 2025, there will be more diesel technician openings than working technicians.


We are going to fix that.


The nearest diesel educational program to Charleston is a tiny school 90 miles away.  This is unacceptable, so we decided to do something about it.  My name is Amy Allen.  I own and operate East Coast Fleet Maintenance, a mobile shop in Summerville, SC.  I’ve lived the diesel mechanic shortage first-hand.  If you are like me, there are no options, when trying to hire a mechanic unless you steal someone from another company. 


This is a short term and expensive solution.  It drives up wages and creates bad feelings in an industry, where we should be working together.  No one is producing new diesel mechanics.  The problem is bad and will only get worse.  I’ve decided to do something about it.


I’ve partnered with American Diesel Training Centers, to bring their innovative program to Charleston.  I’ll be running their system out of my shop in Summersville.


American Diesel was founded in Columbus, OH in 2017.  Its mission is to bring new, eager people, with solid work ethic, into the business and quickly provide them with basic mechanical fundamentals needed to form a solid foundation from which to enter the profession.  It is a 300 hour program based on 420 tasks.  It focuses heavily on PM’s, brakes, wheels and electrical. 


In 16 months, ADTC has become one of the top 10 producers of diesel mechanics in the United States.  Its graduates work for more than 80 companies, including every OEM dealer.  What they do works.


ADTC does not operate like a typical school and neither will we.  We believe in a close partnership with our employer clients and an innovative funding model that has proven to be very popular with some of the largest employers in this business. 


Our first class launches THURSDAY, February 28.  We are already successfully recruiting for that first class.  Our selection process is selective.  The majority of people who apply will not be accepted.  We value quality over quantity.  And we can find quality and quantity.  We can fix this problem permanently.


If you would like more information prior to, do not hesitate to contact me at or 843-300-5008.


Thank You!


Amy Allen C.E.O.,  East Coast Fleet Maintenance


East Coast Diesel Training Academy