We can’t be everywhere at once, BUT we do have a solution for virtually everyone, everywhere, provided you are willing to roll up your sleeves a little bit and work with us.  Let’s break this down into three scenarios below.  


(Assumption:  We do not have a location in your city, or our present locations are not a geographic fit for you. If you are located in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dallas, Kansas City, Charleston, Pompano Beach, Pittsburgh, Grimes, Savannah, Winchester Canal, or Indianapolis... CLICK HERE )


Keep in mind the training typically happens in the evening, when your shop is closed or slow.  We utilize your space, when it is not typically being used.  


NEED To HIRE 1-2 Techs Per Year

Solution:  Find a few other local businesses who have the same problem.  All you collectively have to do is agree to running one training class of six students and commit to hiring them all between your group.  We can even help you do the leg work here.  


Provide us a bay, tools and a truck.  We’ll do the rest.  If you have someone who can teach the class, great.  If you need an instructor, we can source one for you.  We’ll do the recruiting and screening, utilize our proven system, including curriculum and manage the training.  The final product will be exactly the same as it is in all of our other locations.  



6-10 Techs Per Year

Solution:  This one’s really easy.  Provide us a space to do the training.  Depending on how many people you need a bay or two work.  We probably need 2,000-3,000 sq.  ft.  


Other requirements:







launch an American Diesel program out of your facility

You have some space and would like to launch an American Diesel program out of your facility.


Solution:  This one’s easy too.  Provide us the space and equipment.  Agree to help us out with some local business development and we can add a profit line to your existing facility.  


Again, all we need is:






If you don’t know how much not having working mechanics is costing your organization, take a deep breath, put your hands over your eyes and click the link below it.  It will take you to our tool that we’ve named Amarillo.  


Input how many mechanic openings your company has.  It can be throughout the course of a year, or it can be how many openings you have today.  Amarillo will calculate how much revenue you are leaving on the table and how much profit you are losing.   Note:  The average mechanic opening is 45 days.  

If your company is tired of missing out on $1,000 a day in revenue because of technician openings.  If you are wasting thousands of dollars on job boards, doing passive recruiting.  If you want to access a pool of talent that you can grow, working with ADTC is the perfect solution.

Here is what we know:

  • The labor pool of potential diesel mechanics is there.  And it is huge.  You just need to know how to find it and develop it.  We’ve figured out how to do this.

  • Time and cost of education deter the majority of potential candidates from entering the profession.

  • Attitude, work ethic and attendance win over mechanical ability when it comes to entry-level technicians.

  • It costs your company a fortune in lost revenue, opportunity cost, increased overtime pay and morale, when you have mechanic openings.  Generally accepted estimates put the cost of not having a technician an $1,000 a day, minimum.

  • Companies must be willing to look at this problem differently and must be willing to invest capital and time to fix it.  There is no other solution.

  • The companies who do dedicate resources and time to this huge problem will put themselves at a huge strategic advantage to companies who do not. 

Just ask Star Truck Rentals in Grand Rapids Michigan.  They needed 13 mechanics immediately.  They were willing to think outside of the box.  In just six weeks we went from meeting to the first class of the Star Training Academy. 

In 2.5 weeks of recruiting, we received 74 applications and Star hired 13 new mechanic trainees.  Their technician problem is on the way to being solved….in 6 weeks.  And the quality of talent was amazing.  Auto Mechanics, National Guard Mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics, Union Millwrights, Truck Upfitters.

Grand Rapids Business Journal Article here.

None of these people would have entered the industry without Star Truck Rental’s commitment…. because they didn’t have 2 years or $40,000 to spend on a traditional education.