ADTC is now one of the top 10 producers of Diesel Technicians in the U.S.  We're on track to produce well over 500 diesel techs this year.  


How We Work


We don't collect a dime from students. In fact, we pay them. We hire the individual from day one and then give them 300 hours of fantastic hands-on training.


We then lease them back to companies in what is very similar to a staffing company. We're the last thing from a staffing company, but we've adopted parts of their model.


Prospective Students/Huge Retention Benefits for Employers


We do a very thorough background evaluation, including phone and face-to-face interviews.

It’s a selective program. If accepted into our program, in exchange for paid training and a stipend for tools, all we ask from our students is that they agree to work for the company with whom we place them for a minimum of one (1) year. If they decide to not honor their side of the deal, there are some significant ramifications, including being responsible for repaying the cost of training.  


We believe in what we call "carrots and sticks." The carrot is the paid training, the stick is the fact that nothing in life is free. They need to honor the agreement. This gives a one-year retention rate of roughly 85%. After that, it’s up to you as a company to provide training and a solid progression pathway.